How Can I Maintain My Synthetic Wigs?

Washing and maintaining your synthetic hair wig is important to ensure it lasts a long time and stays looking great. From this article, you will know how to maintain and wash a synthetic wigs, here we come:

About daily maintain:

Step 1: Mix some water and hair conditioner into a can;

Step 2: Spay the mixed liquid on your wig;

Step 3: Brush the wig with your wide-tooth comb gently, open the dangles carefully

Step 4: Dry it under the natural wind.

About washing:

If you wear your wig everyday, wash it every 3 weeks

Step 1:De-Tangle

  • Before you wash, be sure to carefully de-tangle the hair using a wide tooth comb.
  • Lightly brush through and gently remove any tangles using a wide tooth comb/brush.
  • Do not pull or drag the fiber.

Step 2:Wash

  • Fill a bowl with COLD water (NO hot water, as heat damages fibers).
  • Mix a little shampoo into the water.
  • Immerse your wig and allow it to soak for few minutes.

Step 3: Rinse

  • Immerse your wig in a fresh bowl of cold water to remove shampoo.
  • Do not squeeze or wring your wig.

Step 4: Conditioner

  • Apply conditioner directly to your wig, stroking downwards from roots to ends.
  • Keep in 4–5 minutes.
  • Rinse by immersing wig once more in fresh cold water.

Step 5:Towel dry

  • Place the wig between a folded towel and pat dry.
  • Never squeeze, rub or wring your wig while drying.
  • Remove from towel.

Step 6:Style and hair dry

  • Gently shake the wig to regain its style. Alternatively, lightly style it with a wig comb or your fingers.
  • Place wig on a folding wig stand or over the mouth of a large jar or vase to dry naturally. Never use a hair dryer, as heat damages synthetic fibers.

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