Best Advice For People New To Wearing Wigs!

When it comes to buying and wearing wigs, I trust you will miss a lot of mess and the most embarrassed thing is sometime you even don't know things are wrong.

If you are a first-time wig-wearer, you will find this blog post not only exciting but very insightful. Trust me, wearing a wig is fun, exciting, and not stressful.

I hope after read this post, it’ll convince you to pick up a lace front throw it on and start serving looks like the natural born queen that you are.


Common Questions for Beginner Wig-Wearers

Will My Wig Look Natural?

The most prominent fear every woman have is if their wig will look like a horrible toupee on the top of their head.

There is nothing to worry about; it’s all about choosing the right hairpiece that will suit you and your personality. If it’s your first time, you may want to pick a hair color that fits best with the color and style that you already have, instead of suddenly total change.

Your best bet in getting a natural looking finish when it comes to purchasing a wig is to get a lace front. Lace fronts give an illusion of the hair coming out of your scalp. This type of hairpiece is hand tied so that you can part your hair away from your face or on any side of your head.

This piece has an undetectable hairline, and some even come with natural baby hairs that you can gel down for a flawless finished look. Lace front wigs are great for beginners to the game because they are easy to put on and are a great protective hairstyle as well. Opting for a lace front that fully meshes is excellent just due to its comfortability and fantastic stretch that can fit on almost all head shapes.

If you are wig shopping in a store, you should make sure that no visible wefts or tracks show.


What If My Wig Falls Off in Public?

Okay, I’m here to tell you that your wig will not fall off if you follow these easy tips.

First off almost every hairpiece comes with one of two things. One is adjustable drawstring straps; these are my favorite because you can adjust the tightness of the cap to the size of your head.

Second, some wigs can come with combs in the front, back, and the side that you can place in your hair for a firm hold. If all else fails and you are still a little scared of the stability of your wig you can use a temporary glue to hold the hair in place and make it feel like your wearing a full sew in.

The moral of the story is there is no possible way that your hair will fly off into the wind if you follow these tips and secure the wig correctly the first time.


Do Wigs Come in Certain Sizes?

Sizes of wigs are not as complicated as you may think.

An average is the most popular fitting that these pieces come in, so if you feel that your head is not extremely large or too small then I’m pretty sure that you will be fine, remember all wigs should come with a strap that you can tighten for a snugger fit.

If you’re still scared and not too sure on if your hairpiece will fit correctly, you can have someone measure your head shape and create a custom wig for you.

So, don’t stress yourself out too much about sizing because I am sure it will fit, but make sure it is never too tight because you do not want added pressure or combs tugging on your hair or edges; this can lead to hair loss, and no one wants that.


Trying on a Wig for The First Time

The first time I ever got a wig I had no idea what I was doing, and for that very reason was why I was scared to try them out overall.

But it will be really easy after you know how you treat your natural hair----you hair should be clean and flat before placing the wig on top.

It’s best to braid or cornrow your hair down so that the lace front will not stand tall or look bulky on your head. Something else that helped with the flatness of my hair was wearing a stocking cap, trust me you will slay any lace front with these techniques!

Now for the fun part which is finally putting the wig on, you want to hold the front of it with both hands and tilt your head forward and continue to place it on your head until it feels comfortable.

At this point, you can now secure the combs in, or place wig glue or tape to keep it in its place for however long you want it to be.

About this, you could check my other post --<<How to Put On a Wig>>


Will Other People Notice I’m Wearing a Wig?

The most common question I get is will other people notice if I’m wearing a wig? Well, the answer to that depends on a myriad of things.

What’s important is not to care what anyone thinks, and to only care about how you feel and look. The number one trait everyone loves about my hair is that I own it, I have nothing to be ashamed of, and I have nothing to hide.

I show off that I’m wearing a wig and almost 90 percent of the time people never notice; this is because I rock my hair with extreme confidence whether you know I have a hairpiece on or not I could care less because I know I look bomb. So yes, some people may catch on, but if you look good and you know it then flaunts it, honey!

As long as you are making sure that your wig is secure and is of good quality I don’t see any reason for anyone to comment on your hair unless they’re a hater.


Finding the Right Wig

Finding the perfect wig does not have to be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Make sure that you stay away from anything too shiny.

Synthetic wigs are known for sometimes having a fake or unnatural shine to them. If you find a hairpiece that you’re entirely in love with but it may be just a little too glossy, try putting baby powder on and brushing through it for a more authentic look.


Your Wig Journey

Try to make sure you have at least two wigs that you can wear always this gives you more options and gives you the chance to back up just in case something goes wrong with the other ones.

You can use one wig for essential or formal occasions and another for your everyday go-to look. Don't afraid you have too many wigs in your house, continually rotating between your wigs will make them last much longer.

I may not be an expert like some of you out there, but these are the experiences I have accumulated over the years.

If you have any fantastic suggestions that would help any first-time wig-wearers let us know in the comments down below!


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